When should
you see a doctor?


You should have your skin checked each year.


If you have a history of skin cancer or numerous moles, it is important to see our skin check Doctors for regular skin examinations at intervals ranging from every three months to once a year.


Should you notice a new mole, lesion, or sore that won't heal you should book an appointment as soon as possible to have this reviewed.

skin check doctors


Our doctors are accredited in the field of skin cancer detection, diagnosis and management.


They have undertaken post graduate training in the detection, diagnosis and management of skin cancer.


Our doctors participate in continuing professional development in skin cancer related studies.





For Employers

We offer work place skin checks for your employees. 


Reduce your company's risk of liability related to workplace skin cancer

Provide an important way to improve or support a high standard of OHS practices
Minimise employee downtime through on-site services
Educate employees on sun protection while at work
Adopt a sun protection policy
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